Three Freedoms Wrapped Up

Lets wrap up our series on the three Freedoms.

I have touched on the Three Freedoms in detail in my previous blogs which I recommend reading if you haven’t already. 

Financial Freedom, having sufficient Cash Flow to enjoy your desired quality of life.

Time Freedom, making sure you have balance in your lives to enjoy things outside of work.

Mind Freedom, is the ability to sleep at night.

So hopefully during this series you have had what we call a “blinding flash of the obvious” and one or more of these Freedoms has been ringing bells for you about the real issues you are facing.

So you might be asking – I know what issues i am facing, what do I do next to  overcome these?

From where we stand we see three options forward:

  • Continuing to do the same things hoping for a different result, or
  • Try to solve the issues yourself, turning to family or friends for advice, or
  • Turning to us for help, where we work with you to come up with Actions to overcome these issues.

Why turn to Jarvis?  Aren’t you just Accountants doing Accounts and Tax Returns?

As I pointed out in a previous blog, we are not just boring Accountants or as some people assume working for the IRD.  We too are Business owners, having faced many of the same issues you do.

Working with us is an investment in your future…

If you work with us on these issues we help keep you accountable by

  • Working together to come up with Actions to overcome these issues that you are facing that is unique to your circumstances, and
  • Meeting regularly to keep you accountable to ensure you are carrying out these Actions so you can achieve success, and
  • Helping keep you on track to overcoming the issues.

We have a number of Services to help our Clients identify, uncover and overcome these issues so you can enjoy Freedom and be more stress free.

If you would like to know more and start achieving Freedom in your Business and Personal life, then get in contact with us, we would love to chat.  We are more than just Accountants.

Written by Alan Jarvis