Time Freedom

Lets look at the Second of the 3 Freedoms – Time Freedom in more detail

Moving on from my last blog on Financial Freedom lets look at Time Freedom.

You See… this term used everywhere in marketing world these days and in fact, there are more than 1 million posts on Instagram that have the hashtag #timefreedom.

So What does time freedom mean? Well to simply put it, it means making sure you have balance in your lives to enjoy things outside of work.

We all need balance to do the things we enjoy outside of work, whether that is getting to the children’s sports day, getting to the gym three times a week or never missing date night with your significant other.

Over the years working with our wonderful clients we have seen many good businesses that have fantastic Cash flow, Turnover, strong Profits BUT the owner always complains they spend too much time in the business, work long hours and never have time for their family or time for the pursuits they enjoy. We then see they start to resent the Business or develop health issues that start to affect the businesses Cash Flow, Turnover and Profit and in the worst case the business dies.

Why is this?

They lack Time Freedom! We believe…

The Business is there to serve you, not the other way around; you should not be a slave to your business.

So what in your Business is enslaving you or stopping you from achieving Time Freedom?  I ask this simply because every business owner is different and what could be stopping one person may not be stopping you!

Some Common Issues may be:

  • Wearing to many Hats in the Business
  • Not delegating tasks
  • Not Planning your week properly
  • Not Planning Holidays to relax and recharge
  • Not having enough Staff to cover all tasks/ and or having Staff issues
  • Not planning time with your family or significant other
  • Working long hours in to the night to complete things which causes lack of sleep

If any of these issues are ringing bells for you or you want help to identify your issues so you can have greater Time Freedom, TALK TO US about how we can work together so your business can help achieve Time Freedom and improve your work life balance. 

In the next blog I will be discussing the third and final freedom which is the Mind Freedom in depth.

Written by Alan Jarvis